Qua Harper Robertson plays Andre

Stranger Hearts is currently in PRODUCTION! We should be wrapped shooting mid August.

Stranger Hearts is a new LGBTQ series written and directed by Kevin James Thornton. We are shooting it at the end of July 2019 in Nashville, TN and anticipating a Fall 2019 release. We are currently raising funds to make the show a reality.

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We successfuly completed Phase 1 with $2500!

PHASE 4: Production: Stranger Hearts is in production. We shoot at the end of July thru mid-August! An inspiring and positive story like “Stranger Hearts” increases Queer Visibility. What is that and why should it matter to you?

Ammo plays Luke

Queer Visibility is a phrase we use when we see Trans, Gay, Lesbian, etc people in films, TV, books and more. Marginalized people often feel invisible, but the more they can SEE themselves reflected in media it MATTERS in a dramatic way. Even if you aren’t LGBTQIA, chances are you know and love someone who is. Helping a show like Stranger Hearts become a reality will change the word for the better. It will add to your loved ones sense of well being. Queer Visibility and Representation MATTERS.

Consider making a contribution to Stranger Hearts. Any amount will help. All contributors will get their name in the closing credits of the show. CLICK HERE

We Need Your Financial Help. Please Contribute Today

(If you are in the Nashville area and would like to help in other ways, catering meals, be an extra, just an extra set of hands… please reach out to strangerheartsproject@gmail.com )